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Catching a Permit on a fly is a major achievement for most fly fishermen. Permit are a thing of beauty to see and a nightmare to catch. You can make a perfect cast and the fish will rush your crab fly, only to stop and inspect it very carefully before swimming away. It is essential to have a good variety of Permit flies. One time I changed flies 8 times on one school of Permit, before I found the one they wanted. This is the truth, not us just trying to sell you more flies.

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Crab and Shrimp Patterns
(Click on images to enlarge)
Permit Crab Fly natural Crab Olive permit fly Merkin Crab Natural Crab permit fly
Antron Crab
Natural Crab
Murkin Crab
Natural Crab

Florida Keys fly
Key Permit

Helix crab permit flies
Helix Crab

Belize Turneffe Crab Olive
Turneffe Crab Olive
Belize Turneffe Crab cream
Turneffe Crab Cream

Rag head permit fly
Rag Head

Epoxy Mantis
Bone Toad Fly
Bone Toad

Tan And Pearl
Tiple Threat Flats Fly
Triple Threat
Flats Fly
Out of Stock

Baitfish Patterns
(Click on images to enlarge)
Gotcha Clouser Bonefish Fly
Deep Eyed Minnow
Baitfish fly
Deep Eyed Minnow
Foxee Minnow Bonefish Fly
Gotcha Clouser Bonefish Fly
Black Deep
Eyed Minnow

Deep eyed Baitfish

Jack FLies
Glass Minnow



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Punta Allen
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