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Lodge: Palometa Club
Guide: Rotating guides
Favorite Memory: Pulling a Tarpon out of the mangroves on a Ramsey's Deceiver.
Sorry no picture as the camera took a swim on this trip.

A lodge at the end of the road. Set in the small fishing village of Punta Allen 3 hours south of Cancun the P Club is a great spot. Your host Dick and Kaye Cameron are a pleasure to be around and the food is cooked by a local chef, and features regional dishes there are fantastic.

All the fish you can fly fish for on the flats are available. Tarpon, Snook, Bones and Permit are around to give you a shot at the super slam. We saw all these species during our 4 days of fishing. While, as a whole, we did get a super slam no one got one by himself. The P Club has a guide for every fisherman. The guides are all very professional on eager to put you on fish. What ever species you want, even sharks, they are up for it. The runs can be long but the fishing is worth it.  Along with the group my Dad came down to try and get his first Bonefish. The first day out we pulled up to a flat and my guide and I hopped out to wade a flat and the other guide took off with Dad. While I had 10 fish before 11 am on a Tan Christmas Island Special  I could not help but worry about how dad was doing. By the time we hooked up again for lunch dad had landed 12!! While I was upset about missing his first one, he was so excited about the fishing I soon got over it.  While not a place to take your non fishing companion it is a great place to got for a slam. Several Permit and Tarpon were caught over the week, along with all the bones you wanted.

Beware if you are driving to the lodge yourself the pavement ends at Tulum and the road is quite interesting. We had a rented Jeep Liberty and after submerging the front end in one of the large puddles we started sending a scout into them to see how deep they were. One the way back after a couple of days of dry weather the road was much better, but still adventurous. 

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