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I started All the Right Flies after working in the fly fishing industry for years. I have discovered that fly fishing is a sport of exhilaration and frustration. You can go down to your local trout stream or out on a flat any where and have the best day of your life and then the next day nothing, nada and bupkus. This is the greatness of our sport. The ups and downs, the challenge and the pay off of a fish you will always remember.  I have decided to start with the most exhilarating and frustrating part of our sport, flats fishing.  On the flats you can stand there for a hour not seeing a thing and then the glimmer in the distance, the nervous water, a tailing fish and it all has to come together in a manner of seconds. Is there anything better?

Living in the heart of some of the best trout fishing in the nation, Jackson Hole, I have talked to several famous anglers about this feeling. They all say the same thing, the satisfaction of making it all come together is one of the biggest thrills in fly fishing.  I hope I can help you accomplish this thrill.

Many trips to Alaska has allowed me to bring you a line of Alaskan Salmon flies and Alaskan Rainbow flies. Salmon fishing is about as sure bet as you can get in fly fishing. You can stand in the water and watch thousands swim by you in a day. They may not be that difficult to catch, but having one on the end of the line is something special. The strength and power of any of the 5 species is awesome. I once caught 63 Chums before lunch on the Alagnak River and never got tired of catching, but was a little tired by the fighting. Stopped for a little lunch back at the lodge and was ready to go again. Alaskan Rainbows are some of the most beautiful fish in the world, and they fight like tigers. with the added bonus of Dolly Vardens and Grayling an Alaskan fly fishing trip is a must for every fly fisherman.

Whether you love salmon or the flats, I want to provide the flies to help you make your trip something to remember.

Craig Morris, Owner

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